Training & Teambuilding

Apart from consulting and process facilitation JFKS has developed many training programmes over the years. One of its network partners is Breakeven 59, a training provider that is fully registered in terms of the SAQA requirements.

What makes JFKS unique is its methodology of ‘High Impact Learning’ that is based on adult learning principles and application of knowledge in the workplace and personal life.

The following is an outline of the JFKS training methodology and services:

Training methodology

JFKS’s strength is to custom design training interventions and programmes that maximize people’s impact on business. This includes the following:

  • Moving from Training to Facilitating Learning – Where learners take ownership for their own learning, and we create the context for this to happen.
  • Accelerated Learning - rapid knowledge and skills acquisition.
  • Adult Learning Principles - with highly relevant materials, and in a dynamic and lively environment.
  • Experiential and Interactive - with full involvement and skills practices that can immediately be applied and transferred to the workplace.
  • Generation specific – style and methods are customized to the learning styles of the target group generation.

The diagram below depicts our philosophy of High Impact Learning.  It emphasizes total integration with the business needs and ensures application of content supported by a mentoring / coaching process.  The overall aim is to ensure a positive impact on the business.

Training and Learning Programmes

The following learning and training programmes have been developed and are available:

1.     Industrial Relations:

1.1.  Disciplinary hearings – accredited programmes by SABPP (+exp) 

1.2.  Shop stewards capacity building

1.3.  Strike management

1.4.  How to attend wage negotiations

1.5.  Effective workplace forums

1.6.  Legal compliance

1.7.  Conflict resolution


2.     Dealing with Diversity in the Workplace:

2.1.  Diversity management

2.2.  Developing Inter-Cultural Intelligence (2 day course)

  • This insightful and inspirational module is about gaining self-insight into own style and working with incompatibilities in difficult relationships.
  • The learner will gain insights and understanding of the concepts “cultural learners” and “cultural critics” and how to apply these insights into practical work place difficulties and incompatibilities between people based on cultures, ideas and diversities. 
  • This module is especially applicable to staff working on projects both nationally and internationally, and who need to deal with people different to themselves.


3.     Conflict Management and Negation Skills:

3.1.  Managing Polarities - this is ground breaking work and a different approach in dealing with conflict


4.     Legislation:

4.1.  New Consumer Protection Act

4.2.  Skills Development Act

4.3.  Legal Compliance

4.4.  Any other laws


5.     Human Resource Development:

5.1.  Talent management: We have done training as well as practical intervention linking talent with business and operational requirements (FH)

5.2.  Talent development and retention

5.3.  Performance management: Training as well as implementation in different companies (FH)

5.4.  Development of competency frameworks and dictionaries - development and linking to development plans and performance management processes

5.5.  Career ladder and career path development - training as well as implementation in large companies

5.6.  Competency gap analysis methodologies


6.     Leadership Development:

6.1.  Leadership development in Public Sector

6.2.  Leadership development in Private Sector

6.3.  High Impact Leadership - linking leadership to business and operational objectives. Giving application support to ensure ROI for the client

6.4.  Internal mentor and mentee training


7.     Personal Development:

7.1.  Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence - personal growth and application in the work place

7.2.  Science of Laughter - includes practical laughter sessions

7.3.  Resilience and Optimism

7.4.  Managing Adversities

7.5.  Weight and Wellness Management (12 week challenge)

7.6.  Managing Stress and Negative Emotions

7.7.  Building new habits of Lifestyle

7.8.  Mindfulness / Meditation

7.9.  Vision, Meaning and Purpose

7.10.  Employee intrinsic motivation


8.     Teambuilding:

8.1.  Team Wellbeing / Team Building - creating focus, synergy, role clarification, profiling, building trust and emotional intelligence

8.2.  Creative Visioning and Storytelling – ensuring a common focus by using the medium of sand play and corporate story telling

8.3.  Optimizing Team Synergies - by understanding personalities, brain profiles, talents and core passions of team members

8.4.  Strength Finder – Individuals discover their core talents and these are then explored and utilised for the benefit of the individual and the team

8.5.  Maximising Team Energy - by re-designing and clarifying roles, aligning with core passions and talents of individuals

8.6.  Building Emotional Capital – by enriching trust, empowerment, listening, communication, feedback fitness, appreciation, mutual expectations and FUN, through a variety of experiential  exercises 

8.7.  Managing Team Polarities - by understanding, identifying and finding ways to proactively manage conflicting issues and / or team differences, e.g. empowerment vs. control, rules vs. relationships etc.

        The team building programmes is highly experiential and filled with fun activities.


9.     Organisational Development and Change Management:

9.1.  We have many years of practical experience in OD. We can give the training as well as the practical tools to develop OD processes that lead to real performance improvement

9.2.  Transformation management and change management - pointing out the difference between change and transformation

9.3.  Business Partnering: Optimising Synergies between companies or departments through facilitating partnerships and providing the necessary templates and measurement tools. Assisting teams with the move from Service Provider to Value Adding Business Partner


10.  Strategy Development and Implementation:

10.1.  Strategic Planning: vision, mission, strategy creation and ownership, using lateral thinking like sand play, picture creation and other methods

10.2.  Balance Scorecard (BBBEE)

10.3.  HR strategy development and implementation

10.4.  Bridging the gap between policy formulation and implementation

10.5.  Project management

10.6.  Facilitation of company or departmental mergers and acquisition


11.  Corporate Social Investment:

11.1.  Corporate SI and LED engagement

11.2.  Stakeholder alignment


12.  Public Policy and Service Delivery:

12.1.  Policy development and implementation

12.2.  Service delivery model

12.3.  Local economic development


13.  Youth Development:  

13.1.  Life skills

13.2.  Leadership

13.3.  Bridging programmes