JFKS Consulting is a company consisting of a team of specialist consultants and trainers with extensive national and international experience. Although the company is relatively new, the directors have worked together over many years and decided to formalise their relationship by forming JFKS Pty (Ltd). The Directors and shareholders of JFKS are Satish Roopa (CEO),  Prof. Job Mokgoro,  Dr. Fritz Hölscher, Kaizer Thibedi and Adv. Prakash Roopa.  

They have worked at all levels in organisations, from the boardroom to the shop floor. In addition to the internal capabilities of JFKS, the company has the ability to tap into a wide network of associates.

The following diagramme depicts the sectors in which the JFKS directors have worked over more that 20 years. The philosophy of JFKS is to optimise the synergies  between stakeholders in these sectors or as it can be called, a Quatro Helix model. It is believed that sustainable business and development can be obtained through facilitating cooperation between these stakeholder groups as they represent themselves in different communities where business operate. These stakeholders groups represent the social infrastructure, including the social environmental and economic dimensions.  JFKS has access to expertise in these dimensions and will bring them to a project as and when required.


Board of Directors

Prof. Job Mokgoro

Thembikile Nsibanyoni

Satish Roopa


Dr Fritz Hölscher

Tsipane Nkwe

Kaizer Thibedi