Dr Fritz Hölscher

Teaching and Corporate Training Experience

Fritz gained considerable lecturing experience through teaching at UNISA University and the Milpark Business School for more than 15 years. 

Designing and delivering undergraduate and postgraduate courses within the Department of Sociology (University of South Africa) in addition to developing research programmes and supervising and mentoring Master’s and PhD students. 

Delivering the HR module on the MBA programme at Milpark Business School, Johannesburg, where he applied his consulting experience in assisting students to apply their knowledge in the workplace through viable projects and interventions. 

Developing and delivering a successful ‘High Impact Learning’ approach for workplace development, including training internal change management consultants for more than 20 years. 

Consulting Experience:

Fritz has built up a wealth of consulting experience globally, across a wide range of sectors, over a period of more than 20 years. 

Developing and applying Community Development facilitation skills to develop civil society structures where tripartite partnerships between Business-Government-Community could be used to leverage win-win and sustainable projects. He developed this programme in conjunction with the Gencor Development Trust and called it ‘Dialogical Intervention’ referring to the role of a corporate citizen (Gencor) to intervene in a community to establish stakeholder dialogue.

Fritz developed sustainable projects in conjunction with the Gencor Development Trust across South Africa. 

Various Publications of programmes for social reconstruction and development by, amongst others, the World Bank, and consulting for the World Bank on an ad hoc basis in the development of Tripartite partnerships. 

Executive coaching specialising in application of skills and knowledge in the work place and improvement of intercultural intelligence. 

He was a past Country Director (South Africa) of KnowledgeWorkx International, focusing on Intercultural Intelligence development and stakeholder alignment enabling companies to be successful in a multicultural environment.

Facilitation of strategic planning and ‘rejuvenation’ processes for various NGO’s and associations, for example The National Council for the Blind, The National Council for the Aged, Welfare and Medical associations as part of the support programme from the GENCOR Development Trust.

Providing consultation in large and smaller corporate environments for all HR specialist functions including HR partnering with internal clients, Talent Management, Organisational Wellness and Organisational Culture Change.

Fritz undertook a range of human capital development projects for corporate and governmental clients. 

 Consulting on strategic planning, organisational development and change management projects for a range of clients including NGOs, corporations and government, including change management for the installation of ERP systems such as SAP and BAAN. 

Providing professional guidance for consultants on a variety of projects worldwide as project coordinator